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Properties and buildings on the Estate

Grange Farm

The Grange
The Grange

Lodge Farm - originally built in the 1700s.

Lodge Farm in the snow

Abbey Cottage - was originally built in 1873 as two cottages.

East Lodge

Stable block and clock turret - built in the 1700s to accommodate 15 horses, this has since been converted into two dwellings.

entrance to hall
Replacing the entrance gates to the Hall with long-lasting hardwood ones.

Gates fitted January 2012

This house made from Red Deal in the late 1930s was designed by the chief architectural staff of Boulton & Paul and Mrs Tresfon. It was built for the Tresfon family when Gawdy Hall was demolished. It was always the intention of Mr Tresfon that a significant house would be built on the site of the original Hall, but he enjoyed living in the new home so much, he considered it unnecessary.

Gawdy Hall

Mr Tresfon acquired the Estate by auction in 1938 to move closer to Boulton & Paul in Norwich with whom he was Chairman. Unfortunately, the roof was in a desperate need of repair and quotations received far exceeded the purchase price of £37,005, and along with severe taxes imposed at the time, the decision was made in 1939 to demolish the Hall.

Photograph taken in 1905 of the East front of Gawdy Hall.

West view in 1905.

The latest addition to the original Gawdy Hall was made in 1878 with this building that ran along the South side - it is the only part of the Hall that remains today.

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